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Bulk Water Delivery in
the Ottawa Area

At Dave Wright Excavating, we provide bulk water delivery services including pool water delivery, hot tub water delivery and more, to Ottawa homeowners, the City of Ottawa and contractors.

Affordable and Secure Water Delivery

Why pay big hydro bills and spend several days filling your pool with tap water when we can do it much faster for a reduced cost. Our water comes from designated City of Ottawa fire hydrants.

Top Reasons to Choose Us for Your Water Delivery

  • Insurance – At Dave Wright Excavating we’re insured so you can rest easy
  • Hose Length – Each of our trucks comes with a 500-foot long hose, this means we can deliver your water without ever having to drive onto your property
  • Speed and Reliability – Fast service you can count on
  • Qualified Operators – Our staff, trained drivers and operators are trained to pull all vacuums and put your liners back in place


  • Swimming Pool Water Delivery
  • Construction Cleaning/Pressure Washing
  • Dust Control
  • Property Irrigation
  • Pond Water Delivery
  • Remote Access Water Supply
  • Hot Tub Water Delivery
  • Industrial Water Delivery
  • Commercial Water Supply
Bulk Water Delivery Ottawa
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