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Demolition in the Ottawa Area

At Dave Wright Excavating, we specialize in commercial and residential demolition. We’ve worked on hundreds of Ottawa demolition projects and will work closely with you to complete yours.

Our Demolition Services

Demolition may seem like a simple job, but it requires great care and planning. It’s important not to cause excess damage to the property or surrounding properties, to dispose of debris safely and to minimize disturbances to you and your neighbours.


When it comes to our demolitions we have two top priorities: keeping your family and the environment safe. Many houses have materials that can become hazardous during demolition such as drywall dust, broken glass and even asbestos in many older homes. With our specialized training and years of experience we have the expertise to remove such hazardous materials safely and quickly.


While we do demolitions of any scope and size, our expertise is in large-scale demolition such as whole home demolition, commercial projects, swimming pools, mobile homes, and asphalt and concrete removal. No matter what your project is, we will help you get it done on budget and on time.


  • Whole House Demolition
  • Shed and Barns
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Trailers and Mobile Homes
  • Swimming Pools
  • Concrete Breaking
  • Partial Demolition
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