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Well and Hydro Drainage
Trenches in the Ottawa Area

Dave Wright Excavating can expertly dig the drainage trenches you need for your well or hydro system. With over 45 years of experience, Dave Wright is the Ottawa leader for drainage trenches. Our highly skilled operators are specially trained for drainage and water trench excavation to ensure outstanding results.

Our Drainage Trench Excavation Process

  1. We carefully plan each step of the trench excavation process. We’ll choose a route that minimizes damage to your garden and home and assess the type of soil you’re on to determine what equipment will be needed. Next, we’ll see if you need shoring (to prevent the trench from caving in) or de-watering (if your ground is really soggy). Furthermore, we’ll identify where any underground pipes may be, such as gas, electric or water.
  2. We’ll bring the equipment and remove any plants or structures you want to save.
  1. We’ll remove and store your topsoil separately to avoid contamination.
  2. We’ll excavate the trench to the required depth.
  3. We’ll remove the soil to a location where it will not hinder the installation of your well or hydro drainage trench.
  4. We’ll install your well or hydro drainage trench.
  5. We’ll backfill the trench.
  6. We’ll return the topsoil and grade the soil.
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