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Grading and Backfilling in the Ottawa Area

If you’ve got an excavation project, including building a new structure– or installing or removing a septic tank, swimming pool or pond– grading and backfilling is a crucial step. With proper drainage, your house and basement will stay drier with less humidity.

Our Grading and Backfilling Services


  • The side facing the street should slope between 2-6%
  • Side yards should slope a minimum of 1.5%
  • Swales longitudinal slopes should not be less than 1.5%
  • Swale and terrace side slopes should slope a maximum of 33%


Ground and soil adjust over time. This may leave you with small depressions on your property where water stagnates, creating puddles and potentially icy spots in the winter. If water sits too long, it may also drown your plants. If you want to re-grade (and in some instances backfill) these depressions, Dave Wright Excavating can help. We have skid steed loaders with expert operators ready to work on your yard and garden. We’ve graded hundreds of Ottawa homes, parks, sports fields, riding arenas and play areas.


Insurance – All our operators and equipment are fully insured

Speed and Reliability – We’re Ottawa based and are ready to help, even on an emergency basis. If you need help quickly, choose Dave Wright Excavating

Qualified Operators – All of our operators are experienced with excavating equipment

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