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About Dave Wright Excavating

Family-Owned Legacy

We started out in 1971 with one backhoe and myself operating it. I had been working two jobs and thought that I’d like to pick up some part-time work on weekends to get ahead. A backhoe came for sale and I seized the opportunity. I had a friend with a successful excavating business and he approached me with some full time work for the backhoe. This was a big risk as I was a foreman at a metal plant at the time and had guaranteed work but I knew what I wanted to do for my future employment. This decision took me in a positive direction. I built my business by working with local homeowners and small businesses and soon needed to purchase more equipment as the septic jobs kept adding up. I started a family and my son, Geoff, took interest at a very young age in various aspects of the job. We started to evolve and transitioned into demolition, land clearing, ditching, road building, sewer and water, excavation, water trucks and pool water delivery. We have a diverse client base and we now have around 40 employees and are growing.